Archbishop’s Annual Appeal 2018

Serving over 1,000,000 Catholics, the mission of the Archdiocese of Atlanta is to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord, and grow all of North Georgia in faith, hope, love, and service to others. Together, we are God’s hands and feet, sharing God’s compassion and mercy, and demonstrating that “Go, therefore, and make disciples.” Your gift to the 2018 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal helps makes it possible by supporting the ministerial, outreach, education, formation and discipleship work of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Please give prayerful consideration to your level of support to help fund the essential ministries and services sup-ported by the Appeal. Next weekend everyone will have the opportunity to make an in-pew commitment during Mass. Please be prepared next week to make a pledge to the 2018 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. To learn more about the appeal, and to donate online, visit After we reach our parish goal of $40,400.00, the AOA returns 100% of each additional dollar received from our parishioners to us for use in our parish.

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