Dinner w/ Frank Hanna

Thursday, May 3rd, Frank Hanna brings a copy of the Bodmer Papyrus 14-15 to Our Lady of the Mount.  The Bodmer Papyrus 14-15, that originally consisted of 36 double leaves placed one on top of the other to make a total of 144 pages, is the oldest find that contains the text of two Gospels together, the Gospels of Luke and John.  Frank will explore the unique and fascinating history of the Papyrus. 

On 22 November 2006 the Bodmer Papyrus 14-15, generously donated to His Holiness Benedict XVI by the Sally and Frank Hanna Family Foundation and the Solidarity Association (U.S.A.), and the Mater Verbi/Hanna Papyrus Trust, was deposited in the Vatican Apostolic Library.

This is a rare look into one of the oldest and most important documents in Church history.  Make plans to attend dinner (catered by our own Margaret Johnson) and a presentation by Frank Hanna: Thursday, May 3rd at 6:30 p.m. Dinner is $10/person and cash and checks will be accepted at the door. Please RSVP here.


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