Middle School Family Catechesis

There is something new at OLMCC for our Middle School families! We will be offering Family Catechesis for our Middle school families. The goal of Family Catechesis is to help families learn, pray, and discuss our faith in order to strengthen relationships and deepen our Catholic faith together.

For the Fall semester of 2018 we will be offering sessions on the corporal works of mercy. We will have an engaging lesson on the work of mercy for that month and end with a meal together. During the month, I am hopeful that families will explore further the work of mercy together…ideas will be supplied on how to do this.

To be clear, this will take the place of the middle school meeting on Sundays after Mass.

Our next family session will be on October 28th at 5:30 in the classrooms downstairs. Contact Mary at mvoges@olmcc.comfor more details.

Fall Schedule/Dates

October 28              5:30 p.m.   Shelter the homeless/ Cloth the naked

November 18        5:30 p.m.   Visit the sick & imprisoned/Bury the dead

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