Because of construction, we will no longer have the use of the stairs going down to the classrooms, or the 2 classrooms beside the staircase. Children will now have to go outside and enter the classroom area through the main door from the parking lot. The second grade (First Communion) will be meeting in Mary Voges’ office. Please be extra vigilant about kids “wandering”.  We have made every effort to keep our space “construction free”, but a bit of extra precaution is a good idea.

Let’s Stay in Touch via Flocknote!

We are very excited to be launching the use of Flocknote at OLMCC this weekend. Flocknote is a new tool we’re using to stay in touch via email and/or text. Your information is encrypted and we promise not to spam you. This platform allows us to send you messages when there are upcoming events or changes due to inclement weather. One of the most exciting features for YOU is once you connect with us the entire Bishop Barron Word of Fire ENGAGE library will be at your disposal FREE of charge. There are 2 easy ways to connect (pick one): … Continue reading